All of our different healing techniques are complementary, and when juxtaposed, accelerate each other. Combine any of the following services in a day, a week, or a month program to initiate powerful communication exchange on physical, emotional, chemical and spiritual levels. These are excellent tools for you to engage and connect to your own internal healing capabilities. Call (928) 284-9550 today!

Patients have come from Europe, Indonesia, South America, across North America, and throughout the state of Arizona for all day intensives with Drs. Viafora. (see Testimonials – Chiropractic, and Testimonials – NAET). Choose from the many healing options below and we will customize something to meet your needs. Here are some suggestions:


ALL DAY HEALING TRANSFORMATIVE CHIROPRACTIC—3 “clear-outs” in the morning with a brief rest between each session, then a long lunch followed by 2 more gentle chiropractic adjustments in the afternoon. Pay for 4 and get the 5th one free! (Read more…)

BAX AURA Bio-Energetic Technology– This is a state-of-the-art computerized and laser technology that scans the body for stressors, and identifies foods, substances, organ systems and emotions that are burdening the body. It then determines the frequencies the body needs to re-set the brain and body . The goal is to restore balance and regain health by imprinting the laser with these positive, customized, light-emitting frequencies. (Read more…)

COLD LASER THERAPY– This painless tool is pre-programmed with hundreds of frequencies to accelerate healing. It takes 10 minutes and can easily be done in conjunction with other healing treatments. (Read more…)

NET—(Neuro-emotional technique) one hour treatments, clearing physical problems with emotional components, or recurring emotional themes that are interfering with your productivity and abundant, expansive life. These can be done 1/day or a few sessions/week. (Read more…)

EFT—(Emotional Freedom Technique) one hour treatments, usually one/day or a few sessions/week, depending on the number of issues you have outlined, and goals you have set for yourself. Even one session can have deep and far-reaching affects. (Read more…)

ACUPUNCTURE– can be done with chiropractic sessions side-by-side—excellent for the relief of pain and “stuck” energy. Dynamically opens the flow of the nervous system and meridian channels, so your body is better able to access its innate healing power. Acupuncture is done 1 time per day and chiropractic can be added up to 5 times in a day. (Read more…)

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Any of the above services can be combined in one day or continued for a week or several months of dynamic and pro-active healing. These are excellent tools for you to use as a springboard for change. Short and long term goals can both be addressed.

We will customize a healing program that addresses your particular goals. Call (928) 284-9550 today, or contact us by e-mail at healinginsedona@gmail.com to help you plan your visit for HEALING IN SEDONA!

Most first time out-of-towners who want to experience deep healing schedule an initial consultation in the morning, and then leave time after that to begin treatments right away based on what the doctor recommends.




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