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and NEAT– Neuro Emotional Anti-sabotage Technique-


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NET (which stands for Neuro Emotional Technique) is a unique healing modality that addresses emotional causes of physical problems. Emotions such as fear, anger, grief shame, insecurity and doubt can effect us negatively long after the original event.

As a matter of fact, when our body fails to “let go” of these emotions, they can become stored in our body and loop in the memory of our nervous system, and reoccur in different situations, becoming a repeating pattern in our life. Later in our lives, when we experience a similar situation, old emotional responses are easily triggered. Often, we do not see the link between the past event and present situation, and wonder why we acted/ reacted in such a way, and wonder why it is not easy to change our response.

Neuro Emotional Technique is an approach that utilizes Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing to ask the body questions), Acupuncture points held on the body, and addressing areas along the spine where the nervous system is affected. Muscle testing identifies the original or key emotion/ event that caused or is contributing to a particular emotion or physical problem. The treatment consists of identifying the Acupuncture meridian pathway where the energy is stuck, and then clearing that while remembering a key event/ emotion.

Areas of the spine where the nervous system is stuck are also identified, and nerve flow is restored while remembering the event/ emotion. Dr. Viafora skillfully and intuitively assists you in engaging specific Neuro Emotional patterns, similar to finding a specific program in your computer that is creating a glitch. Issues are resolved and enhanced physical, emotional and mental well being is restored.

Unresolved events/ beliefs/ emotions can be real or imagined. Our subconscious may perceive them as real, however. Our brain’s perception determines how we are affected.



Emotions affect our whole body. Do you know someone who is a pain in the neck? Did you ever get butterflies in your stomach? Does the thought of something ever give you a headache? Can’t stomach something? Ever get a lump in your throat with certain thoughts and feelings? Just “can’t stand it” and then develop leg or foot pain?

Ancient Acupuncture correlates the different emotions to different organ meridians in our body. For example, fear is related to the kidney and bladder. Anger is related to the liver and gallbladder. Grief corresponds to the lung and large intestine. Overjoy, or feeling unemotional relates to the heart and small intestine. Worry and low self-esteem is associated with the stomach and spleen.

For a more thorough understanding of how the meridians help balance the body’s energies and emotional states, please see Acupuncture.

Although the primary locations for the physiology of the emotions are in the brain, spine, autonomic nervous system, and acupuncture circuitry, emotions do affect any and all parts of the body in a physiological way. Researchers have now demonstrated that emotional biochemicals travel to almost every cell of the body. One thought produces up to 2000 bodily secretions!

Through Neuro Emotional Technique, emotional blocks contributing to pain are often relieved instantly. Other times- it is like an onion being peeled- and the previous Neuro Emotional component cleared reveals another core issue or event underlying it.

Almost always, a person leaves a session feeling like they have accessed greater awareness, feel lighter, relieved, less restricted emotionally or physically, and often “wowed.”


A one-hour session can address a number of issues. Dr. Jan recommends several sessions for complex problems. Those traveling from out of town often receive a few sessions to take advantage of Dr. Jan’s expertise, maximize the relief possible, and to thoroughly clear what is bothering them. Occasionally with simple sessions, a half hour is sufficient.

Come prepared having thought about what you would like to be true for you- and get tested to see if you are congruent with it consciously and unconsciously. If not- we’ll make sure you are aligned with what you would like. Make a list! It may look like: “I deserve to be happy”…..”I know I can attract the relationship of my dreams”…”My business is a huge success”…..”I can breathe easily when I run.” If it is a physical problem you have that you think may have an emotional component- Dr. Jan will muscle test you to determine the emotion, time period, event and belief that is unresolved in you.

NEAT- Neuro Emotional Anti-sabotage Technique

NEAT is a variation of the Neuro Emotional technique that enables you to become emotionally congruent with whatever you intellectually define as being desirable for yourself. Emotional congruency allows you to be “OK” by creating a neutrality with something you either want to be true, or hold to be true..

For example, “I’m OK with making more money” may be a statement of something you DO WANT, but when muscle testing as you make the statement you may discover an emotional incongruency with your intellectual concept that sabotages the goal. NEAT finds the incongruency from an event/ belief/ emotion from the past and clears it. The goal is for you to be emotionally and intellectually in alignment with your desired goal.

You can imagine the importance of getting congruent with your goals and keeping yourself from sabotage. There are endless applications that NEAT can be used for, and it is an excellent tool to assist you in your personal success.

Dr. Jan schedules one hour private sessions for NET. A lot can be accomplished in an hour if you come prepared with a prioritized list of stressors and negative self-talk you would like to be clear of, and then a list of goals, or things you would LIKE to be TRUE for you.


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