We could tell you what NET is like- but we’re going to let our
patients do it for us!


“This is such an amazing and effective way to change behavior and old programming. It has helped my anxiety and fears tremendously. Out of all the types of therapy I have tried, this has helped me the most. Dr. Viafora is excellent in finding buried programs in us, and then helping us clear them completely. The benefits are very long-lasting. I couldn’t believe how good I felt after the last session. I travel a great distance to see Dr. Jan and always look forward to seeing her.” PM

“This has freed me in so many ways. I can’t believe how quickly and easily this process works! And it goes so deep! Very, very helpful. Dr. Jan is very skilled at helping me clear old patterns.” MS

“I came from out of town to see Dr. Jan, and I thought I came in to see her for one thing- but something totally different than I expected turned out to be the origin of my problem. I know it was right on because I felt so much lighter and clearer right away, and then I lost 100 lbs. within a year after our treatment. I trace it all to that clearing we did.” CT

“I have no words to describe what this week has meant to me receiving NET. It was way more than I expected. I learned so much about myself, and feel really empowered to make big changes when I go home. I feel SOOOO much better!” AW


Drs. Marc and Jan Viafora of MOUNTAIN DOVE CHIROPRACTIC in Sedona, Arizona offer gentle Chiropractic, relief for allergies and chronic disorders with the Bax Aura Laser Technology, Acupuncture, Cold Laser Therapy, NET– Neuroemotional Technique, EFT– Emotional Freedom Technique, and Healing Intensives for out-of-towners.

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