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Thank you for your interest in healing yourself to become CLEAR AND EMPOWERED! When you feel better- your families, community, and the world all benefit, too!

Dr. Jan Viafora brings three decades of holistic healing experience to the EFT worksheets she offers. She draws from issues that she has helped hundreds of her patients uncover and overcome- so they are better able to clear energetic blocks to living their life fully awake, aware, and connected.

The following PDF’s and videos are offered for your self-healing and your self-empowerment- at a fraction of the cost of one doctor’s visit.

Congratulations- your health is your greatest asset! It is worth putting energy into it! Enjoy, and believe in yourself and your tremendous ability to heal!

 Please forward this EFT Worksheets/ shopping cart to friends who may benefit- let them select the ones that will empower their growth:

How to do EFT

Learn how to do EFT through step by step instructions, charts, and a video overview. It is presented easily, efficiently, and thoroughly. Invite this “one minute miracle” into your life!



What makes everything ok? Love. Past fears, hurts and conditioning can inhibit love’s abundant flow in your life. Feel safe enough to love. Release emotional responses you have that are based on past experiences, but ones that you don’t want to reproduce. Love is all around- are you shutting yourself off from it? Do you believe you deserve it the very best that love has to offer? You’ll be able to to say, “Forget the past. I don’t live there anymore!” Find the highest vibration your love can resonate with, own it, and feels good!
(18 pages)



Do you feel you haven’t expressed your deepest potential yet? In this Tapping session you will address blocks you have put up or that you haven’t overcome, so you can begin to express your true gifts and know what you really want for yourself. Connect more deeply to your unique and vibrant qualities. Get to know, trust, and feel confident in the power of who you are! (13 pages)



Has life crushed your spirits? Does it sometimes feel too hard to carry on? Do you ever feel like giving up on the big dreams? Don’t! Positive thoughts drive positive action. Clear the programming that has negativity creep in. It’s an inside job. Don’t pretend to be positive, or just repeat affirmations. Release stress and negativity so positivity is your TRUE state of mind. Focusing on the positive is a very attracting force you continually put out to the universe, and the universe responds in kind! (14 pages)



Get to some underlying causes of why your body and mind can’t let down enough at the end of the day to give you the much needed nourishment of sleep. Find out what it will take to let your body feel safe, relaxed, and let go of the day’s stresses, anxieties and tensions. You can tap with these worksheets any time you need them…even 5 or 10 minutes of tapping can bring relief. (15 pages)



Sort out priorities, get clear, stay focused and centered, let things be easy, and enjoy yourself again! Overwhelm robs you of efficiency, clarity, productivity, and joy. Find your flow again, and you’ll be amazed at how different your life unfolds! (23 pages)



This will free up your energy a lot! Our bodies are an accumulation of everything we have ever experienced. If we don’t process events, emotions, confusions, and traumas, where do they go? Into an organ system? Get buried in the body and manifest as a disease? Block the flow in our meridian energy system? Do stressors and traumas collect in our nervous system and filter our every perception and future experience? Do we hold onto traumas, and as a consequence block energy  flow, and become buried in a rut as we lose connection to our Innate ability to heal? For thoroughness, these worksheets are separated into 5 parts- we’re sure you will be able to relate (45 pages):
a. Pain
b. Pain associated with any trauma you ever experienced
c. Pain associated with surgery
d. Pain associated with a loved one’s trauma
e. Injury
We all carry so many memories of pain in our bodies that we store in our cells, muscles, joints, organs and in our beliefs. We live our life covering over this pain, but it accumulates in our body and in our subconscious, and it becomes the filter that burdens our future experiences. Find peace with past pain.



What self-limiting beliefs have frozen you into inaction? What is your procrastination costing you? What success is suffering because of your procrastination? What are you doing, and what do you really want to do? If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotton! Are you ready for change, movement, forward direction, and living your purpose, but need some help gaining momentum?  GO for it- these EFT worksheets will reveal blocks that prevent you from doing what you really would like to do. (15 pages)



Why is it we are afraid to simply and deeply be who we are? It feels so good, and so rich, to relax into the comfortable feeling of being authentic (it takes a lot of work to try and be how we believe others want us to be)! Expressing our talents is giving of our heart and soul- what a gift to the world- so natural! Own more deeply who you are, confidently and joyfully! (20 pages)



This may be at the cause of MOST self-sabotage behavior. The foundation for all success is to know who you are, that you are valued, and that you have a lot to offer. But whay don’t you believe in your value? The fact that the worksheets on this subject are 28 pages shows that Dr. Viafora has found this issue to be crucial in needing to be cleared- often at a subconscious core level for many people. You may notice it uncovers many other issues. It is essential to value yourself before others can value you. The clearing offered in these worksheets is a must! (26 pages)



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