We could tell you what EFT is like, but we’re going to let our patients do it for us!

“Wow- that was a 10 out of 10. You hit it the nail on the head. You got me figured out, and I got a lot more self-awareness. That was really good. You really helped me uncover the truth.” JM

“That EFT session changed my life more than anything I have ever done. You have no idea what your healing expertise has meant to me.” JK

“That reduced so much stress and anxiety…it put an OK-ness back into my being.” JE

“Dr. Jan taught me EFT in a workshop, and not only does she teach with great clarity and depth and thoroughness, but she actually empowered us all to use this tool on a regular basis. I use it all the time- in the car, while walking, sitting on my porch. It is something I can do for myself, even if only for a minute, whenever I need some help to deal with stress.” SM

“Last time I got EFT with Dr. Jan I felt so good for MONTHS! I have traveled a great distance to see her again.” CL

“The EFT Worksheets that Dr. Jan has created are so thorough, and I love that I can refer to them over and over. They have helped me tremendously. A very small investment for a huge outcome.” GM

“It is worth it to come to Sedona for EFT with Dr. Viafora! It put me back in the Divine flow!” P.F.

“My goal for my EFT session was to no longer react to others. I was having a lot of difficulty with people. After my EFT session with Dr. Jan Viafora at Mountain Dove Healing Center, I feel empowered! I have the ability to work with others now- with love, compassion and respect.” B.P.

“For both the Healing Intensive and the Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique (EFT) offered at Mountain Dove Chiropractic in Sedona, AZ, you don’t have to know HOW it works, but THAT it works! This has been an amazing experience!” A.L.

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