“I feel so whole when I come and get Acupuncture with Dr. Jan. I feel the flow and tingling all over my body. I feel re-connected to myself, and better able to handle my stressful world!” K.S.

“My shoulder pain that I had for 9 months started to feel better within a few treatments of Acupuncture with Dr. Jan Viafora. I am so relieved that I can raise my arm now without that stabbing pain, and I can vacuum again, AND walk my dog- all without pain!!” C.S.

“I get alot of severe headaches. I have been to many different doctors, and tried many different things. Still I was suffering. I had been experiencing a debilitating headache for 4 days straight when I saw Dr. Jan Viafora in Sedona for Acupuncture. To my amazement, my headache went away while she was treating me! It hasn’t come back for a month, except for once-very mild for a few hours, and I think that’s because I was dehydrated. I am so grateful for the Acupuncture I received at Mountain Dove Healing Center!”  B.H.

“Already my back pain is better, and my female cycle evened out. My fibroids appear to be shrinking. And I strangely feel a sense of greater well being all over.” A.L.