We could tell you what our form of gentle chiropractic is like, but we’re going to let our patients do it for us!

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“This is the single most important thing that has changed my life.” JE

“This is the fastest and deepest healing I have ever experienced. This process is amazing. I’m healing blocks I didn’t even know I had.” TS

“No more pain! No more stress! The first time in twenty years!” WM

“My life took a dramatic jump into the light through your work and your love.” AV

“I have a lot of faith in Drs. Viafora. My whole family receives Network care to stay happy, healthy and harmonious.” GL

“The treatments facilitated by you have been the most remarkable journey to the heart for me. You have facilitated movement in my life on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, and the result has been remarkable movement in my life. Where life used to be rigid, there is now fluidity—of thoughts, feelings, and awareness—such as I have never experienced before.” SJ

“I feel like an angel has touched me,” AB

“After living with the results of a ski accident (40 years ago) plus a car accident (whiplash – 30 years ago), I’m beginning to come alive physically now. These treatments are really changing my whole body. Drs. Marc and Jan are incredible at what they do.” JP

“I was a skeptic, however the Viaforas have permanently cured me. I couldn’t bend, sit, or lie down in any comfort. After my sessions with Drs. Marc and Jan I can unequivocally say I feel better now than any time in the recent past.” JB

“After 44 years of chiropractic care, this is the most complete method of health maintenance I have ever had.” GL

“It’s so great to be able to move my neck after nearly 4 years. I couldn’t do that before I startedhere. This process has been so easy, and painless! Now I feel so much more alive and full of abundant energy, yet a calm peacefulness.” PC

“The energy that gets released in the higher phases of the Network Chiropractic system is a direct experience with your own divine consciousness. I experience deep states of bliss, ecstasy, and inner peace—a painless, profound way to clear out the nervous system.” ER

“I experience a continuous refinement of my nervous system with NSA—more and deeper

relaxation and a deeper attunement to myself and life at large.” RV

“I am writing to let you know how grateful I am that you introduced me to Network Spinal Analysis. I was skeptical at first, but results are what count. After a few days of treatment, I was rid of a problem that crippled me for weeks. As a senior citizen and having had several experiences with regular chiropractic treatments, I feel Network Spinal Analysis is a giant step forward.” CJ

“It’s like being set free.” ST

“Your approach to educating people, as well as treating them is admirable and inspiring. You have helped me enormously in welcoming a new level of well being to my life.” SB

“I never knew I needed to hug my chiropractors until I came to Mountain Dove. That just about says it all. Come here and you’ll be happy that you did. Don’t worry if you cry before the joy sets in and takes over. You’ve got to empty before you fill up again.” BH

“I’ll always remember Mountain Dove Chiropractic, as it brought me much help and relief and it gave me a new outlook on myself and my life.” EA

“I never laughed and cried so hard at the same time in all my life.” SL

“After four weeks of treatments, I feel lighter and notice an improvement in my memory

function, not only short-term, but long-term also.” LP

“My traumas have become learning experiences. I am more flexible, strong, and capable of greater love.” LB

“This is the most wonderful work I’ve had done—it truly allows the individual to be in charge of their own healing at their own rate of speed.” LA

“I would like to share that the Network Chiropractic has been instrumental in me facing root causes for pain and discomfort. Drs. Viafora gentle touch has helped me eliminate all the stresses and pains I feel in my body.” AG

“I now know for myself the value and benefit of receiving Network Chiropractic-administered so beautifully by Drs. Jan and Marc. I have had remarkable inner and outer healings in their presence.” JZ

“My breath is so much fuller, and my life is fuller, too.” AL

“This is a painless, profound way to clear the nervous system. I recommend it for everyone.” BL

“Because I have daily contact with chiropractors through my business, I have been adjusted/treated by over 100 different chiropractors.  I can say, without any reservation, that Dr. Jan is the best chiropractor that I have ever experienced. She is knowledgeable about many different techniques and uses the ones that are most effective. I have multiple sclerosis. Since I have been under the care of Dr. Jan, my symptoms have gotten better, not worse. That is unusual for this degenerative disease.  I have regained some of my functionality and tactile sensation since I have been under her care.  I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to optimize their health.” MG

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Drs. Marc and Jan Viafora of MOUNTAIN DOVE CHIROPRACTIC in Sedona, Arizona offer gentle Chiropractic, relief for allergies and chronic disorders with the Bax Aura Laser Technology, Acupuncture, Cold Laser Therapy, NET- Neuroemotional Technique, EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique, and Healing Intensives for out-of-towners. Please visit for free self help tools, inspirational and updated information.
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